Saturday, June 6, 2009

the first horseman: the first vision

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and joe smith beheld a narwhal, an octopus, a parrot, and a warthog, each holding a cage containing a creature.

and when the narwhal opened one of the cages, and he heard the sound of the waterfall, one of the four creatures swam to the bank of the river.

and he beheld a white pterodactyl, with a white australopith riding him, and the australopith held a doctor pepper in his left hand and a bag of spicy nachos in his right, and his name was addiction.

joe walked up to the first chauffeur, the one smoking a camel.

"hey buddy," he said to him. 'you have to help me out."

the chauffeur looked at him through his cigarette smoke and laughed. he looked back at his three fellows.

"have to help you out? why is that, i wonder ?"

the other three didn't even bother to look at joe.

"because i'm desperate," joe answered. "i have nowhere to go. where can i go?"

the chauffeur pointed to the end of the long driveway. "the world starts at the end of the driveway. you can go there."

"thanks. that sounds like good advice. can i ask you one more question?"


"what's your name?'

"alf." he pointed to the other three. "and my mates are bennie, chalkie, and digger."

"thank you. can i ask you one more question?"

"another? i thought that was the one more question."

"please. you always get three questions. it's traditional. just one more, i promise.'

alf laughed again and took another drag on his cigarette. "and this is absolutely the last one?"

"yes, i promise."

"ok, what is the question?"

"what is the name of a person i can look for?"

"eddie. you can look for eddie."

"thank you," said joe. "thank you so much!" he started down the driveway toward the world.

"hey pal." alf called after him. "i got one more piece of advice."

"and what is that?'

"if you can't find eddie, you'll never find frank."

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Peg said...

That's boss: your drawing looks like one of the K's in Cap'm Pariah. "They Fly with their Legs Spread Eagle" is the most hit-on post in that blog (because so many perverts search for "spread eagle" on Google). K's are prehistoric birdz that fly with their legs open so they look like K's flying. Cap'm is also a Leo-- you both must be geniuses.

timmy said...

thanks peg,
i didn't realize there were perverts on google. i hope you reported them.
thanks for the warning!